book your public entrance in advance and health protocole

Good morning all,
good news after a final organizational consultation with the authorities,
the saphir cup:
continue his adventure
a strict health protocol is in place.
it will be put online soon by the FFD.
wearing a mask is compulsory.
hydroalcoholic gel
temperature test
access control
arrive athletes in rotation
access to regulated changing rooms.
for the athletes a tier will be reserved for you, access to the tier free.

An important point to add.
Concerning the Public.
there will be no ticket office on site.
we have a 700 seat reservation gauge.
reservations must be made in advance, I will remind you that there is no ticket office on site, reservations close on Wednesday November 4.
reservations must be made with cathy: 0609446887
or by email
Thank you all for your understanding.
the Dance Club Of Pontault Combault

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